Beware the Honey Trap

The Rory Tate short story featuring Jump Cut’s Mimi Raynard


A winter storm dumps a foot of snow on Seattle’s steep streets, creating chaos just before Christmas. In this story set just before the events of ‘JUMP CUT’ reporter Mimi Raynard must use her womanly wiles to get a confidential source to spill the beans. That she might scoop her ex-husband at the television station out of a story just makes the trap that much sweeter.

First published in the anthology, DEAD OF WINTER, The Honey Trap is available for the first time as a single story on Amazon for your Kindle.

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PLAN-X-ebook-finalCheck out the latest kick-ass adventure by Rory!

Another cracking thriller from Lise McClendon, writing as Rory Tate. PLAN X features another strong female protagonist, this time a policewoman from Bozeman, Montana, in search of the identity of a Shakespeare professor killed in an explosion on campus.

Cody Byrne is tough, brave, and ready for adventure, but the scars of her tour in Iraq as an Army Reserve bomb investigator still plague her. She thinks going to Iraq may have been a mistake, that it means she should stick around Montana, not have the wild adventures her brother had — that she’ll never be as brave. She’s just a cowgirl with a badge. But her search for the professor’s next of kin, and the mystery of the documents he left behind, take her around the world, and open up a search of a more personal kind — for the father she never knew.

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PLAN X is both thrilling and sophisticated. In a serpentine story that races from small-town Montana to the vaulted halls of Windsor Castle, nothing is as it seems, including the works of the great Shakespeare himself. Former military and current police officer Cody Byrne is unforgettable–a heroine you want to root for. I love this book!                                       –New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author J. Carson Black

Lise McClendon (writing as Rory Tate) weaves a thrilling police procedural as (Iraqi war veteran turned) police officer Cody Byrne investigates the death of a Montana professor who may have been hiding one of the biggest secrets in academia—or perpetuating one of the biggest frauds—one that could scandalize the royal family of Great Britain. An entertaining read!            –Robin Burcell – award winning author of THE BLACK LIST

Plan X is a mystery/crime/spy novel that crosses international borders from Montana to England and back again. Cody Bryne is a cop in Bozeman, Montana, who has PTSD from her tour in Iraq. Cody must deal with panic attacks left over from her stint in the army where she was an explosive specialist. Following an arson and murder at a Bozeman University lab, she sets out to solve the crime. This takes her to Washington, D.C. and on to London in pursuit of the leads she unearths. Just when she thinks the solution is within her reach, her search takes on a new twist that sets her back on her heels. Even so she remains resolute in her quest for truth. She believes she is  qualified her to investigate the arson and murder of two professors.

This is one of the best crime/mystery novels I have ever read and I’ve read a lot of them. The action begins in the first chapters and continues up to the end. It is exciting, spellbinding and riveting.   — Ruth Ann Hixson, Book Pleasures

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Readers are talking about Jump Cut 

Fast-paced, fun, and absorbing!

I loved Jump Cut! Mimi, a journalist, is funny, engaging, likeable and out to prove that she still has a career ahead of her despite her nervous faux pas and television bloopers in the face of reporting on a murder involving 3 prostitutes. Mimi’s struggles range from the humiliation of a young flirt who takes her job, to the ungrateful ex-husband-boss who gave it to her, to finding original ways to create interview tapes she’ll use to get a new job – like posing as a mafia madam and interviewing herself. The young flirt steels the fake tape, and when it’s aired on the evening news, all hell breaks loose for Mimi. Detective Shad Muldrew, with his own set of career issues connects with her romantically as well as in hot pursuit of answers to the murders.

Mimi’s journey takes her to the tiny, mostly unknown country of Moldova, where her long-lost father is working on a clandestine project. As Mimi and Muldrew fight for their jobs and search for a resolution to the murders, they are surprised to find that not only is there a dirty detective involved, but Mimi’s father seems to have found his way into the tragic mix of things as well.

The characters in Jump Cut are well-defined and interesting. From Shad, Mimi, and Mimi’s grandma to the evil-doers from Moldova,and beyond, you get a real sense of who these characters are – beloved, abandoned, courageous, selfish, self-deprecating, good, evil, misunderstood, and more. For a good read, read Jump Cut.”

–Amazon reviewer

“Mimi Raynard shares several characteristics of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum. However, she’s not from New Jersey but the opposite shore of Seattle, Washington. Murder, a long lost father, an ex husband, trouble at the office, as well as a new love are all rolled into this book. From the minute I started reading JUMP CUT to the final page I was spellbound by the twists and turns of this novel. I’m praying the author follows up with a sequel so I can see what happens next for Mimi!”

–Barnes and Noble reviewer

You’ll notice on the new cover that Rory is no longer hiding behind his big red galoshes. Yes, Rory Tate is really Lise McClendon. For more on the “Rory Situation” read the About Rory Page.


Seattle reporter Mimi Raynard is having a bad week. Her ex-husband is now her boss at the TV station and wants her head on a platter. When three prostitutes die of a suspicious heroin overdose Mimi gets the story but in her nervous enthusiasm manages to bungle it. The narcotics detective on the case tries to help but both are out-foxed by the buxom intern. What’s a girl to do?

Desperate for a new job Mimi dresses up as a Russian Mafiya Madam for a resume tape she has no intention of sending out. But the lark turns serious when the intern steals the tape. At the Seattle Police Department the narcotics detective Shad Mulgrew has his own career crisis. He is framed for stealing drugs from evidence. Is someone in the department killing prostitutes?


Working together to save their reputations, Mimi and Shad look for the truth, from the fishing docks of Puget Sound to the backwoods of the tiny Republic of Moldova. They end up salvaging a lot more than their careers. In a wild finish they save the soul of Seattle, and find themselves.

“Jump Cut – n., a jarring transition in the temporal flow in film, television, or life, sometimes intentional but rarely without a good deal of second-guessing, hand-wringing, and tears”

So says the epigram at the beginning of Rory Tate’s novel, Jump Cut. It’s a fitting title and motif for the story of Mimi Raynard, a metaphor for the paradoxes with which she lives. If one can be both hapless and brilliant, emotionally secure and grieving a parentless childhood, independent and longing for connection, then one can be Mimi. A reporter who’s had some unfortunate on-air moments, almost certainly because of circumstances beyond her control, Mimi’s in search of journalistic vindication. She teams up with Shad Mulgrew, a falsely-accused narcotics detective in search of his own vindication. In the serendipitous world of detective fiction, the reporter and the detective are working the same case, which jumps from Seattle to Moldova and back to Seattle, from hurt to healing, from disconnection to intimacy.

All the elements are there: prostitutes and drug-running, newsrooms and squad rooms, romance and action. Jump Cut is in turns funny and gritty, cozy and hardboiled, romantic and illusion-shattering. It’s also a rollicking good read.” — Amazon reviewer and Life Coach Jeanny House

So what is Jump Cut about? Here’s the ‘twitch.’ (Twitter pitch, known as the elevator pitch in the old days.)
“A romantic thriller, Jump Cut follows a Seattle TV reporter and a narcotics detective who search for the truth behind the deaths of three prostitutes to redeem their reputations and save the city they love.”
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